Research Background

The ABR research team has decades of experience in developing research processes, frameworks, and models around early stage/disruptive companies, and estimating the long term valuation of such companies through scenario and earnings power analyses. Our structured process starts with identifying the most important themes (secular adoption, product cycles, emerging tech, etc.), filters out winners/losers and investment vehicles, and then evaluates them through detailed tops down and bottoms up models. The ABR research process is designed to provide long term value over a wide range of varying conditions.

Investing in Emerging/Disruptive Technologies

The ABR team has extensive financial/operational experience and expertise, as well as the ability to leverage a broad network of contacts and industry players to identify the best and most disruptive companies in various emerging sectors. As with our research framework, our investments focus on long-term value creation. Through an integrated approach, we work closely with companies/partners, align interests (through our own capital), and strive for strong and successful investments and businesses.

Fund Philosophy

  • Investing in early stage companies carries a high risk/reward profile.
  • The fund emphasizes making investments at the early rounds of capital formation at young companies. The ABR team has expertise in recognizing the potential of new opportunities being addressed, understanding the targeted value proposition or differentiation and estimating the probability of success for the management team’s strategy and ability to evolve. Whether it be through a disruptive new technology, an innovative business process, regulation or other catalyst for change, ABR believes there will always be new growth opportunities regardless of economic environment.
  • Investments are made with a long term view and may be partially or wholly exited upon one of the following options: 1) going public, 2) being acquired, or 3) receiving another round of financing.  Our team has in-depth experience analyzing, investing and researching growth companies.