ABR Capital Management

The ABR Venture Capital fund is primarily focused on investing in emerging growth companies. Investing in early stage companies carries with it a high risk/high reward dynamic. The ABR team has a deep pool of industry contacts and valuable relationships with Senior Managers that helps drive the idea pipeline.

Investments are made with a long term view and may be partially or wholly exited upon one of the following options; going public, being acquired or receiving another round of financing.

The management team has decades of collective experience analyzing, investing and researching growth companies.

By applying sound and disciplined valuation criteria prior to any initial investment, the General Partner is confident of entering at a proper valuation. This is necessary so investors can best profit on the realization of the investments.


The management team has decades of collective experience analyzing, investing and researching growth companies.

Investment Process

The fund emphasizes making investments at the early rounds of capital formation at young companies.

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